Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth-2 Timothy 2:15 (NKJV)

Pastor Polite’s  Profile   

Pastor Polite is a faithful woman who serves a powerful God. She illustrates an excellent, spirited and compelling relationship with God through Christ and The Holy Spirit in her daily life. Pastor P. (as she is affectionately known) is part of a pastoral team at Praise Christian Centre International in Bolton. She was born in Africa and has lived in the United Kingdom for over 15 years.
She started her Ministry at a very tender age. She started serving in South Africa in churches such as Assembles of God (Back to God), Brethren in Christ, African Evangelical Church etc. She graduated with a Diploma at Wits University under His People Bible School. 

She is married to Pastor Alex Sibanda since 2007.
In 2009 she moved to Manchester to attend her studies at the University of Salford. Pastor P is a graduate of Salford University in Manchester and works in the Health and Social Care Sector where she has worked for over 10 years.  Planted a PCCI branch in Bolton in 2010, under the direction and support of her husband. Her passion is to see the women, youth, and the children thrive as she is passionate about empowering and developing people.

Through personal experiences and from looking back from where  and what God has got her through. Sometimes she relays this through the song “Ukuba Nkosi  ubungenami ngabe ngafele endleleni” Zulu song translating to English as ‘If you God were not with me I would have perished along the way’. Through Christ and her trust in Him she has established incredible resilience.
 In addition, she has integrity that most women and men look up to her and can relate and confide in her with any elements of their lives whether it is personal or spiritual.
 Also, Pastor P. is a loving leader and the congregation feel and confess her love and accessibility while having certain boundaries. She has shown obedience to Christ’s mission to go and make disciples and love Thy Brother by cultivating a missional culture by responding to the community and its needs through her charity organisation Our Oasis
Charity which currently works in Africa with the aim to expand to support throughout the world.
Additionally, through leading by example in personal, professional life and speaking engagements Pastor P. is driven by the mission of Christ and responds to God’s calling by:
-telling others about the love and Power of Christ through word and deed; Thus inspiring others to live faithful lives.
-Discerning and obeying the leadership of the Holy Spirit and God’s guidance
-Loving, supporting and encouraging others through the Word of God to be the best they can be and instilling confidence in God’s unchanging ability to the changing world.

Pastor Polite Communicates with impact:
She speaks the Word of God in an organized manner whilst maintaining the audience’s attention. In addition, she adjusts her delivery to meet the needs of the audience. She speaks clearly and ensured that her listeners understand what she is saying. She does all she can to have the audience speak to her on a one to one basis when needed. She empowers others to be disciples for Christ. Also, Pastor P. is a singer and ministers through singing as well.     
Pastor P. is an International Conference Speaker, a giver, and passionate minister of the gospel who has travelled and shared the good news of about the kingdom of God in many countries.

To have Pastor Polite Bless and speak at your event or service or for more information please contact her PA using the contact details below:
Phone: 07861759671/07946003007 or email:[email protected]

May God richly bless you.